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Every essential oil has its own benefits and uses but here in this review I would mostly concentrate on Lavender essential oil benefits and its uses. These essential oils are mineral free and all other chemicals free product. Each of it retails for Rs 350 and contains 10ml in each.Its consistency is liquid. I like to add essential oils to everthing for best results. I love its fragrance.If all 7 essential oils are buyed together nykaa gives 10% discount on it. I recommend not to apply directly on skin because it can cause some irritation or burn your skin. So before purchasing I highly recommend to do a patch test on the skin to ensure it suits your skin or not. They come in a cute color coded cardboard box packaging which do resonate with the herb extract it contains. Inside it is a blue glass jar bottle which protects from sunrays in contact with it which are best for essential oils. A lot of science goes behind this which I obviously not sure off. There comes a dropper to take few drops of product without wasting it. Overall its packaging is decent, hygienic, easy to use. The fragrance is so relaxing and calms you down, thats for sure. Lavender essential oil is the most used aromatherapic essential oil. In this anti inflammatory, anti fungal, anti depressant, anti septic, anti bacterial, anti microbial properties are founded. It help in brighter complexion and prevents hair loss and etc.

The lavender essential oils can be used in unlimited ways. Few methods, I would like to share my experience with you guys :-

  • Scrub : Take a spoon of brown sugar, add 2-3 drops of lavender oil, add little amount of honey and milk( can skip milk and honey) . Scrub it on the face gently and massage it in a circular motion of few min and wash it off with normal water. You will see amazing results in just one Scrub.It makes skin smooth, soft, glowy, bright.I assure you of that. Note that scrubbing should be done only once a week.
  • Take small amount of aloe vera gel and add 2-3 drops of lavender oil and gently massage it over undereyes in circulation motion to ensure well blood flow to get rid of dark circles.
  • Add Lavender oil to sweet almond oil and massage it all over the scalp and hairs to avoid hair loss problems and dandruff. However it feels very relaxing and good night sleep is achieved. Apply it twice a week to see the result.Its feels like heaven.
  • While doing Facial stream, add few drops of it hot water. The anti bacterial and anti microbial properties of oil helps in cleansing the skin pores deeply.Do this procedure once a week.
  • Add few drops of it on your favorite moisturizer to get rid of dryness, dry patches, visibility of wrinkles and get smooth soft skin on its application.
  • Take few drops on the palm of hand and gently slide down through hair to remove sweaty nesty smell and add instent amazing fragrance to the hair.
  • Add few drops of lavender oil on Luke warm water on a tub or bucket. Drop the feet on it and it helps in releasing stress and fatigue of body.
  • Apply on acne spots with the help of earbud to dry out acne spots, blemishes etc and slowly make it invisible.
  • Can be used as perfume. Just apply liitle bit behind ears or cloth etc.
  • Add one cup of water and 8-10 drops of lavender oil in spray bottle and shake it well. Now it can be used as room freshener. Now spray on room curtains, furnitures, artificial flowers to get fresh floral calming fragrance.

Note : Pregnant women, diabetes person should not apply lavender essential oils. Also don't think too much of its applications will give magical overnight result but it works opposite. Apply it in proper quantities and in proper manner to get extraordinary results.

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