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Everything You Need To Know About Carrier Oils And Its Common Types

Posted by Admin on April, 08, 2020

What are carrier oils?
Carrier oils are basically such oils that are made from plants and are also used in diluting with the essential oils. This is because of the reason that essential oils are potent and can be irritating on skin when applied as it is to any part of your body. Mostly, carrier oils are unscented or lightly scented and also doesn’t mingle with the therapeutic properties of any essential oil they are mixed with. They are majorly used for skin nourishment.

Things to consider before choosing carrier oils
Absorption: It is very important to notice that the carrier oil you are buying completely absorbs in your skin.
• Shelf life: There are certain carrier oils that have longer shelf life than the other available in the market.
• Skin type: Also, you have to check if the carrier oil you are purchasing suits your skin as some oils can be irritating on skin and can also lead to acne.
• Odour: One must also notice if the carrier oil has a distinct odour. If yes, then that would alter the aroma of the essential oil and that you don’t want.

Common types of carrier oils
1. Coconut oil
One of the most commonly used carrier oil is coconut oil, which is made out of the meat of mature coconuts. Coconut oils are present in different varieties such as refined and unrefined, where the former is derived from fresh coconut meat and is not processed with chemicals, the latter comes from dried coconut meat, that is widely known as copra.
2. Jojoba oil
Another highly used carrier oil is jojoba oil, which comes from the seeds of famous plant of the same name, jojoba plant. If go into the technicalities, then jojoba oil is not an oil but a wax that is gifted with powerful moisturising properties.
3. Olive oil
Olive oil is oil that comes from the pressed olives and is widely acknowledged for its health benefits, having edible properties along with a fruity aroma. In aromatherapy, carrier oil is used as carrier oil and is considered to be extra-virgin.
4. Argan oil
Argan oil is another famous carrier oil that is made out of kernels found inside the fruit of argan trees. The argan trees are natives to Morocco and are famous for being carrier oil in aromatherapy. Argan oil is an edible oil and is conventionally used to nurture the body inside out. Argan oil boasts of a nuty aroma and is also rich in vitamins E and A along with monounsaturated fatty acids.
5. Avocado oil
Avocado oil is another widely used carrier oil made from the avocado fruit and is considered to be heavy and thick in consistency. Avocado is amazing in healing dry and damaged skin as it is rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fatty acid.
There are a number of Carrier Oil manufacturers and Carrier Oil suppliers, who are trusted vendors of quality checked and quality approved carrier oils. You can get in touch with them and they will offer you top quality carrier oils.

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