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Nagarmotha Oil

Nagarmotha Oil
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HS Code 3301
Botanical Name Cyperus Scariosus
Part Roots
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Extraction Method Steam Distillation
Color White
Storage Cool & Dry Place
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D.S. Nagarmotha’s Indian Background
Nagarmotha made its first appearance in a Chinese medical book in 500 A.D., and it plays a major role in holistic Eastern medicine, which recognizes not only the connection between the mind and body, but also the philosophy of Greek physician Hippocrates, considered the Father of Modern Medicine, who said, “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food,” which recognizes the important role nutrients play in our overall health and well-being.

Nagarmotha was also included in the revered Charaka Sa?hita, a Sanskrit encyclopedia of Ayurvedic medicine that is one of only two surviving texts on Ayurveda that makes up the foundation of one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world. Because most treatments were passed down by elders, the appearance of nagarmotha in the priceless texts makes it a standout among even the most prized essential oils.2

In Vedas literature, the most ancient scriptures of Hinduism, nagarmotha is mentioned as having hypnotic properties, which is similar to the meditative qualities that still make it a standout among even the most prized essential oils.

Known as nut grass in the United States, where it was believed to have been unintentionally introduced in the 1880s, nagarmotha is considered a noxious weed because it is difficult to eradicate, but it could be a cash crop in the right holistic hands.

A 2014 study from researchers in India that appeared in the International Journal of Nutrition, Pharmacology and Neurological Diseases looked at the numerous beneficial nutrients found in nagarmotha, and there were several that were worth a second look, including3:

Flavonoids are phytonutrients that give fruits and vegetables their vibrant colors, such as the deep purple of nagarmotha rhizome skins. They are also power-packed antioxidants that fight free radicals that can damage skin cells while promoting a healthy immune system and inflammatory response. Inflammation has been linked to a wide range of illnesses including type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and some cancers.1

Terpenoids : Terpenoids are phytochemicals – there are more than 40,000 different plant-based terpenoids that help boost our health in numerous ways including cell growth and repair.

Sesquiterpenes :
These compounds in many essential oils have molecules that are small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier, so nutrients that promote healthy inflammation can be delivered to the brain.

Because the nutrient-dense nagarmotha can be used topically and taken internally, it belongs in virtually everyone’s arsenal of essential oils, especially so given its ancient recognition in both Eastern and Ayurvedic medicines.

Healthy Reasons to Love Nagarmotha

  • Nagarmotha is a versatile holistic health option because it provides both internal and external benefits.
  • While there have only been a handful of studies on the ancient essential oil, the results have been overwhelmingly supportive of the role the historic oil plays in folk medicine, which gives it a platform for contemporary research.
  • “Collectively our results suggest that CSRME (C. scariosus rhizomes methanolic extract) contains medicinally important anti-inflammatory compounds, and this justifies the use of this plant as a folklore medicine for preventing inflammation associated disorders,” wrote Indian researchers in a 2014 abstract appearing in the October 30 issue of the journal Bio information.4
  • Better skin : The inflammation of some stubborn skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis can be calmed with the application of nagarmotha, decreasing the redness associated with the conditions and easing irritation. Nagarmotha also adds moisture to reduce dryness and flaking. It also offers anti-bacterial benefits that may help put acne breakouts to a stop without the drying and flaking that often accompany harsh acid-based treatments that dominate the market.5
  • Erase Free Radicals : Free radicals are cells that have been damaged by pollutants that ravage the body in search of a specific molecule that can repair it, wreaking havoc on cells – especially skin protein cells collagen and elastin – in the hunt. Antioxidants are able to give up that molecule, healing the free radical without damage to itself, making them the most important compounds we can take in, especially when it comes to erasing signs of aging. Despite its role as a noxious weed, nagarmotha is packed with antioxidants that can ease oxidative stress.
  • Less Stress for Better Health : Even though we may feel the most productive when we have a deadline breathing down our neck, our bodies love serenity more than stress. Stress sends cortisol levels soaring, which triggers elevated blood sugar that can cause type 2 diabetes, arteriosclerosis and increased signs of aging, among other things. Nagarmotha is an aromatic that touches on the stress and tension of everyday life. Use it in a desktop diffuser or a personal aromatherapy diffuser to bring serenity into your space.
  • Breathe Easy : A few drops of this spicy/smoky oil with a hint of camphor in a room diffuser can help ease respiratory congestion, break up stubborn mucus and phlegm and positively benefit the central nervous system through nutrients that feed the brain and the nerves that send signals to other parts of the body.
  • Soothing, Tranquil Moisture : If you’re looking for a massage oil, this soothing essential is an excellent option to blend with a base such as sweet almond, jojoba, coconut or avocado oil. Add a few drops and massage into sore joints to help ease inflammation.
  • Easing Epileptic Seizures : The flavonoids in nagarmotha have been shown in research to reduce the occurrences of seizures in mice, suggesting that nagarmotha could prove to be a natural, holistic treatment for epilepsy or other diseases associated with convulsions or spastic muscles.6
  • Pain Relief : Nagarmotha acts as an analgesic, but not only can it help ease the pain, it can also help to speed the healing of wounds that cause discomfort because it acts as a natural antiseptic.
  • Type 2 Diabetes : A 2016 study by researchers from India isolated several different plant-based nutrients that played a role in controlling inflammation associated with both type 2 diabetes and free radical activity. “Collectively, our results suggested that aromatic compounds showed good anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic activities,” researchers wrote in the December 2016 issue of the journal Pharmacognosy Magazine.7
  • Muscle Relaxation : Tense, painful, overworked muscles can be relaxed and eased naturally with the compounds found in nagarmotha, according to both contemporary and ancient studies.
  • Appetite Booster : In addition to having potential to help ease malnutrition, nagarmotha can act as a stimulant to boost hunger, protecting against eating disorders or preventing the loss of appetite associated with chemotherapy and other medical treatments.

Nagarmotha has also been shown to support lower blood glucose levels, which can reduce the risk factors of developing type 2 diabetes or ease existing symptoms, it has helped promote a healthy weight and has eased digestive woes including diarrhea and constipation.


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